Release Notes v1.0.2 - 14 July 2023

On 14 July 2023 we released into production a new version of the PSP software, this was a significant release as we replaced, upgraded and enhanced core modules of the PSP system. The changes were made both on the server side as well as on the client side, including the 3D viewer that runs in the browser. Many changes will not be outwardly visible to you as they enhance speed, efficiency and reliability of the underlying software, however the benefits of these will be felt by quicker point cloud processing times and faster frame rates in the browser. These result in a smoother experience while viewing your point clouds. We continue to place a focus on security and have included many security improvements both on the infrastructure/server side as well as in the code that is the basis of our system. Additionally, we have been tweaking and improving our development and quality assurance processes to make sure that we can deliver a stable and reliable system to you our valued client as we move forward with rolling out future enhancements and new functionality. More detailed information about this release is listed in the sections that follow. We look forward to hearing your feedback on our release and welcome your suggestions for features you want to see added to our system in the future. 

Summary of release

  • Major PSP Viewer upgrade – mostly invisible to the end user but improvements have been made with regards to memory usage and faster frame rates, especially with multiple point clouds loaded, GPU memory management improved 
  • Update to PSP internal point cloud indexing and compression algorithms (faster and more efficient processing, memory management improvements) 
  • Enhanced LAS/LAZ v1.4 compatibility
  • Improved performance rendering shapefiles (*.shp) files
  • Precision can be overridden for E57 file processing, allowing a rebuild of the processed dataset. Precision is defined in meters (m) 
  • Global point cloud opacity can be set using the “Display Settings” -> “Display Quality” -> “Opacity” slider (changing the opacity value will force “Sharp Edges” to be enabled, if “Sharp Edges” is disabled by the user, the opacity will not be applied)
  • Notification system has been improved, shows success/error results for dataset processing 

Feature Enhancements / New Functionality

  • Email communications from the system – spelling corrections and grammar improvements 
  • Precision rounding issue that caused a “gridding” effect in certain E57 files has been fixed 
  • Integrated maps have been fixed and are successfully displayed when adding projects as well as when searching for projects. 

Bug Fixes

  • We have temporarily disabled the “Annotation” tool and will be reinstating this in a future release 
  • Our current navigation mode is defaulted to “Earth” navigation – we will change this back to “Orbit” in a future release. This can be manually changed using the viewer menu option on the left that looks like a “mask”. 

Know Issues / Future Improvements

  • When uploading LAS/LAZ 1.4 files, please ensure that they conform to the specification and that the relevant Coordinate Reference System (CRS) information is embedded (as this is a mandatory field)