Release Notes v1.0.3 - 8 September 2023

On 8 September 2023 we released into production a new version of the PS+ software, this was a minor enhancement release affecting the 3D viewer and “share link” functionality. New enterprise functionality was added to the share link creation to provide a “cleaner” view of the point cloud hiding items such as toolbars, logos, and other labels. We have also enhanced the Elevation Range colour settings to allow for finer grain control of the upper and lower bounds. More detailed information about this release is listed in the sections that follow. We look forward to hearing your feedback on our release and welcome your suggestions for features you want to see added to our system in the future

Summary of release

  • “Clean” option added to enterprise share link creation – this hides logos and other labels to better facilitate the displaying of point clouds in external web pages when using inline frames.
  • Automatic popup of “help” dialogue is now disabled on embedded share links.
  • The “Elevation Range” colour settings have finer grain control by allowing the user to enter exact values using their keyboard as well as by controlling the set values in smaller increments using up/down controls. These apply to the upper and lower bound settings.
  • Annotations added to the viewer – each annotation is associated with a specific point in the point cloud and allows a name and description to be captured. This allows users to store additional information about the point cloud within the viewer itself.
  • Orthographic / perspective projection switch added to the viewer.
  • Profiler tool added to the viewer.

Feature Enhancements / New Functionality

  • “Sharp edges” is now automatically enabled when user changes the opacity level setting.

Bug Fixes

  • When uploading LAS/LAZ 1.4 files, please ensure that they conform to the specification and that the relevant Coordinate Reference System information is embedded (as this is a mandatory field)