Release Notes v1.0.5 - 6 December 2023

On 6 December 2023 we released into production a new version of the PS+ software, this was an enhancement release affecting the 3D viewer and Project management interfaces. As part of these enhancements, you are now able to attach PDF reports or images (JPG) to a project. This better helps you to keep your data for a project together by storing your point clouds and any relevant reports in one place. The files can be uploaded using the “files” tab and can later be downloaded or viewed in the browser if your browser supports this. In the 3D viewer, we have made a few enhancements such as allowing the “co-ordinate” tool to drop multiple co-ordinates across the point cloud without having to reactivate the tool after each selection. The navigation cube is also now clickable, which allows you to snap to top/bottom/side views more easily. A more streamlined footer is also displayed on the 3D viewer when accessed using a share link. More detailed information about this release is listed in the sections that follow. We look forward to hearing your feedback on our release and welcome your suggestions for features you want to see added to our system in the future.

Summary of release

  • Report upload functionality added to Project management interface – “Files” tab allows upload of PDF and JPG files.
  • Streamlined footer displayed on the 3D viewer when accessed using a share link.
  • “Co-ordinate” tool now supports dropping multiple co-ordinates on the point cloud without needing to reactivate the tool each time.
  • Navigation cube on 3D viewer is now clickable to allow quick perspective changes to top/side/bottom views. It can also be rotated using the left mouse button, moving the view perspective of the point cloud at the same time.

Feature Enhancements / New Functionality

  • Enhancements made on the backend to improve system resource usage (reducing the number of concurrent active connections required).
  • There were some scenarios where the navigation mode would default to “Earth” instead of “Orbit” – this has been fixed.

Bug fixes

  • Planning and development for our next release is already underway.

Known issues / Future improvements

  • When uploading LAS/LAZ 1.4 files, please ensure that they conform to the specification and that the relevant Coordinate Reference System information is embedded (as this is a mandatory field).